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How to uninstall REMIX IDE completely from Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS?

Run in a terminal sudo apt purge remix-ide
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Remove drive out of the PC

Click the ⏏ icon in the lower left corner of the screenshot next to "vutung2001..." to unmount the drive. Then open the Disks application from the Dash. Select the vutung2001 drive in Disks, ...
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Asking for help to uninstall Komorebi

You can run these commands. It works for me and it took me 2 hours to find these commands. sudo rm /usr/share/applications/komorebi.desktop sudo rm /usr/local/bin/komorebi sudo rm /usr/share/komorebi/...
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How can I uninstall all the packages I've installed today?

Disclaimer: Nala is still in a development stage, and is not recommended for any professional use. For apt packages If you're ready to use the command line to install new packages, it's possible to ...

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