It is actually called Ubuntu Certified Professional . The initial Ubuntu Certification was Announced in 2006 jointly with Linux Professional Institute (LPI) for Ubuntu certification exam ,but later as Officially announced here in 2010 "We are really excited to support the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS release with a fresh course and certification programme," said ...


As I understand the certification universe, there is no "Ubuntu-specific" certification. Mainly, the general universe of execs hiring IT Professionals don't look for just "Ubuntu Certification", more often they're looking for Linux expertise rather than just one specific OS. Sometimes they want expertise in the specific OS, and in fact in one workplace I ...


I just took the Pre-training assessment: Ubuntu Professional and got the following reply mail from them: Dear Saji Nediyanchath, Thank you very much for taking part in the pre-training assessment. Your score is 9, Visit: www.ubuntu.com/training for more information. Best regards and good luck The Ubuntu Training Team And when we visit:...


At this point, no. Not possible. There is a wiki here. The issue is that at the very end of the first part of non-header text it states 'The below information is obsolete.'. If you click the link for up to date information, it directs you to the Ubuntu Support page, which seems to me to be about paid support, not training.


You can try Tux Typing or Klavaro (which is more advanced and maybe not for babies).


I've finally figured it out. The manual really isn't very clear at all on this essential functionality. To teach the filter about spam messages, type this: rspamc learn_spam email_file1 email_file2 etc To teach the filter about normal messages, type this: rspamc learn_ham email_file1 email_file2 etc


This is a difficult question to answer, I don't think you should look for an overall video series to teach you everything, as it likely doesn't exist. However there are few areas that you could look into (search youtube). To get comfortable with Ubuntu as a dev, you should understand how apt-get works. You can download most things you will need, e.g. "sudo ...


You may lose focus if you don't download the video tutorials so that you can watch them locally. YouTube has some good Ubuntu tutorial channels, this channel for example. What sets the videos in this channel apart from other YouTube tutorial videos, is that while the videos are not interactive, in order to get the full benefit of the videos you should try ...

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