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touchpad suddenly not working on 22.10

I solved this odd problem by removing my external mouse and restarting.
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Mouse freezes but trackpad works

I am convinced that the problem was a low battery in the mouse. After 30 minutes of continuous mousing and no stops that it was the battery.
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Ubuntu 22.04 How to disable two finger scrolling completely

I had the same issue after upgrading to 22.04 LTS: Two-finger scrolling always worked despite the switch in GUI settings. For a start, check Synaptics touchpad setting via cli: synclient -l | grep ...
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In Ubuntu 23.04, How can I setup trackpoint, touchpath and mosue separattely?

see TPPS/2 Elan Trackpoint on Thinkpad T495 with Kubuntu 20.04 to get the devices: sudo libinput list-devices then create local-overrides.quirks: sudo nano /usr/share/libinput/local-overrides.quirks ...
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Gestures not working in Firefox

There is a potential solution you can try: echo export MOZ_USE_XINPUT2=1 | sudo tee /etc/profile.d/ From this video on Youtube
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Touch pad not working at all on 23.04 on dell Inspiron 5537

After i got really frustrated i just reinstalled Ubuntu but the 22.04, and the touch pad is working.
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Touchpad does not register mouse movement

Turns out this was from not being on xorg instead of wayland. After switching to wayland on login, the touchpad seems to work fine.
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How do I enable double-tap (right click) drag on touchpad?

I accidentally just found the solution: Just the same as left click draggng - double tap, but the first tap is with two fingers and the second with one and then drag. This works on Gnome 44.1 under ...
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