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If you switch Google Chrome to GTK theme (Settings->Appearance->Themes), the Chrome browser appearance changes with the system theme. However, this does not change the browser theme setting, as you can see in @Alister's link: As a result, the system theme does not propagate to websites that allow you to use the ...


I just opened a book and right-clicked anywhere on the text and chose "preferences".


Late but it worked for me. I also like to use the "Kate" scheme. So here is what I did. Select the "Kate" scheme in prefences. Open then color scheme editor from the gedit menu. Change the "Name" and the "ID" field i.e "KateN" and "kateN" Locate the "cursor" entry, 4. from top, in the ...


In "Tweaks" you will see the extensions that are installed on the system. To install the extension "User Themes", install the official Gnome Shell extension pack: sudo apt install gnome-shell-extensions


Add below lines in the file /usr/share/themes/Yaru-dark/gtk-3.20/gtk.css for testing purpose. Once it is satisfactory create a local theme so that, the changes will not be overwritten when packages are updated. .view:selected:focus, .view:selected, .view text:selected:focus { background-color: orange; } Change the color "orange" with any other ...


I'm a little late but this is an updated answer! You can check the following things to get the theme working with your Shell. Sometimes, the theme you're trying to install isn't supported by your shell. eg:- You're on gnome-shell v3.6 but you're installing the theme for v4.1. To check if the theme is supported, ask the developers, maybe they've already ...


You need to change your desktop theme back to the default Breeze theme. The current GTK theme you're using is producing this unwanted behaviour. Open the Settings app in KDE Plasma: Navigate to Appearance → Global Themes: Select the Breeze theme: Tick the Use desktop layout from theme option: Click on Apply: Log out and log in again. That's it! Good ...


By the recommendation of Someone, I reverted the plasma themes and used a vanilla theme. Apparently, the Sweet Mars theme had some problems with GTK apps. Now it's fixed.


I got my answer on Ubuntu MATE Community. As Norbert_X (Popularly known as N0rbert on Ask Ubuntu) said in his reply to my thread : You can override such behavior by removing two files using terminal commands: sudo rm -v /usr/lib/firefox/ubuntumate.cfg /usr/lib/firefox/defaults/pref/all-ubuntumate.js and then restart Firefox. Please note, that we do not ...


The issue can only be overcome by correcting the theme. You may want to raise the issue to the developer of the theme.

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