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What is a `tracker3` folder inside `/home/.cache`? Is it safe?

The /home/.cache/tracker3 directory is created by Tracker, a file indexing process for GNOME. It consists of a filesystem indexer and search engine, Tracker Miner FS, and the database library Tracker ...
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Bootable USB Stick to install Ubuntu22.04

8 GB Is enough for single installation. With 128 or more you can have multiple bootable .iso files on it using https://www.ventoy.net/
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What is a `tracker3` folder inside `/home/.cache`? Is it safe?

As the other comment says, it's a local file indexing process. If like me you don't need it or don't want it (e.g. it's a useless feature consuming resources) try this to disable it. It's the only way ...
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