If you verify the ISO is valid (do the verification on another box as well to be sure), validate the write of the ISO to media (you didn't mention any release so this step maybe automatically done for you and you can see results; or may require additional step) you should okay if you didn't skip any steps. Did you grab Lubuntu from a legitimate web site? ...


puppy linux very light https://puppylinux.com/ or arch if u want to try something new but always try as a vm first before u switch permanently


how are you doing? From what I understand it is very unlikely that you would get a virus from a bootable usb drive on your Linux installation. You see, if the malware was coded for Windows, it is unlikely to work on Linux, because viruses are coded to act on a specific system. As for being illegal, I don't think you're going to get in trouble for using a ...


The GRUB image on the Ubuntu ISO is EFI64 only. You need to create an ia32 installation of GRUB on that boot disk to be able to boot in EFI mode. Thankfully, Fedora and Debian ISOs include the needed binaries, so you can copy bootia32.efi and /boot/grub/i386-efi from them. Once installation is complete, there is no more tinkering required with the ...


Look into Ubuntu Touch, which has an active community very much about a derivative of Ubuntu on Phones. (Stock) Ubuntu cannot be installed on phones for a variety of reasons (Ubuntu Touch explains those reasons). AskUbuntu currently limits itself to official releases and flavors, and so does not currently answer Ubuntu Touch questions.

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