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Ubuntu 22.04.1: How to automatically reset USB connections upon wake?

How to detect reset-able USB devices? Just run usbreset and it should tell you what it can do and how ... e.g. like so: $ usbreset Usage: # <=== This is how to do it (reset devices) usbreset ...
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Ubuntu suspend broken

Ubuntu 22.04 recently had a new point release and went from 22.04.1 to 22.04.2. The new point release updates the kernel from 5.15 to 5.19. It looks like the Ubuntu kernel has some bugs ...
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Network related part of a script will not run in /lib/systemd/system-sleep

Networking is not made available until all scripts in the /lib/systemd/system-sleep directory finish executing. Try sending networking related commands to the background with a delay of e.g. 10 ...
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Ubuntu 22.04 not waking up after second suspend

I stumbled over this Reddit post. There is a "Sleep State" switch in the BIOS of some Thinkpads (including mine): Config ➜ Power ➜ Sleep State ➜ "Linux" / "Windows 10". I ...
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ThinkPad T14 Gen 3 Type 21CF BIOS/firmware issue with laptop lid close and suspend

The blacklist issue is benign - it's because there are some duplicate hashes and it doesn't have any impact on operation For the wake issue - can you confirm which BIOS and EC you have updated to? Are ...
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Ubuntu 20.04 (Gnome3 / LighDM) > lock screen on suspend

I solved creating a service using loginctl: Check if your system has loginctl: sudo /bin/loginctl lock-sessions 1 - Create the file: sudo gedit /etc/systemd/system/lock.service 2 - Fill it with: [Unit]...
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