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I had the exact same issue. I found an easy fix for me: Instead of putting the "no cef sandbox..." in the Arguments field, just type: wine steam.exe -no-browser +open steam://open/minigameslist That did the trick for me! Hope it works for you too.


Since I know you're new to Ubuntu, here's a few general comments. 1. Put that partition in your /etc/fstab First off, in your script you use the line sudo mount -U 80EA3F58EA3F49A4 /media/ubuntu/LENOVO to mount your NTFS partition. I would suggest to add that partition to your /etc/fstab and map it to the UID of your partition there. Since you're on a ...


Took hours of research but I finally found the solution. When boot into emergency mode, press enter to enter maintenance. You'll already be root and have read write permission so just type vi /etc/fstab to edit the fstab file which is what decides what gets mounted in boot I think. Delete your changes by using the arrow keys to go down to where you made ...


just got this error despite already having uid and gid set up properly as @delf answer; in my case windows left the "dirty bit", so i had to unmount it, run sudo ntfsfix -d /dev/sdb1 where sdb1 is your disk, and remount it.

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