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How to set up disk automount in Ubuntu Server

udev is the device manager for the Linux kernel, primarily used for dynamic device handling. You can write udev rules to automatically mount and unmount USB drives when they are connected or ...
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Password Authentication Issue SSH - Cannot disable

It is by design. In the man page it states the following: /etc/ssh/sshd_config.d/*.conf files are included at the start of ...
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Troubleshooting SSH Access Denied Issue on Ubuntu Server 22.04.3

The issue we encountered was eventually traced back to a keyboard-related problem with the VMware web console. Specifically, the discrepancy arose with the '@' character in our password, which was not ...
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How to keep ssh command running when python script called by ssh command exits with an error?

As mentioned in my comment, the command passed to the SSH is bash -e path/to/script, which terminates the script on any non zero exit status. This choice of option was necessary to catch a Ctrl+C ...
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SSH into my own machine on my local network (no access to peripherals and remote access is not turned on)

An excellent ssh client is included with all releases and flavors of Ubuntu (except Ubuntu Server). No separate application is needed. Simply open a terminal. ssh <windows_username>@<...
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Prevent machine from sleeping when SSH connections are on

A simpler method would be adding the following python script to the root crontab (echo "*/1 * * * * python3 /path/to/" | sudo tee -a /etc/crontab) to check if an active SSH session ...
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How can I access my ubuntu server installed on my laptop from another linux OS

Edit : Not working: This only if i want to access via Ethernet :(( ...I want via internet I've figured out myself .. Following steps I've followed on my server sudo apt-get install openssh-server ...
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Can not remote control server - Ubuntu 23.10

So, Not recommended to enable Remote Desktop (i.e. sharing feature) and xRDP software on the same machine. They are listening to the same port and this creates conflict... So, Option 1 - You either ...
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SSH Server stops working after reboot, caused by missing /var/run/sshd

If you still have internet connection, you can simply reinstall the openssh-server package by using this command: sudo apt install openssh-server --reinstall It will recreate missing files and ...
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Repetitive warnings about Github's ECDSA host key differing from the key for IP address

I ran into this issue when doing a git clone today: Warning: the ECDSA host key for '' differs from the key for the IP address '' Offending key for IP in /home/<user>/.ssh/...
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tmux status bar is breaking

There's a troubleshooting section in the Readme that starts just below the install directions. More specifically it includes, "Status line is broken and/or gets duplicated at the bottom of the ...
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How to start/configure pulseaudio remotely with ssh?

Put this in your ~/.bashrc in the remote server (if you use Bash as default shell): if test "$SSH_CLIENT" ; then export PULSE_SERVER=tcp:localhost; fi or put default-server = tcp:localhost ...
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Can't ssh even with public key added to authorized_keys

If you're sure you've copied your public key from your local machine to your remote server via scp ~/.ssh/ [email protected]:~/.ssh/authorized_keys (replace myUser and ...
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By a bash script executed in a local computer run a command (with sudo privileges) on a remote server

I have found a workaround/solution. Using a file that temporarily stores the password for sudo I have modified the script executed in the local system by adding some commands showed below: creation ...
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Is there an SSH connection manager?

You can check GoTo utility, which is a simple command line SSH manager. It's still in development state, but already usable. I wrote it for my own needs but will be happy if it can be useful for ...
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SSH error: Permission denied, please try again

Fault phenomenon in my case, server using dropbear. client using openssh-client and the client got this err msg (when connnecting): Permission denied, please try again Troubleshooting but it not ...
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Getting this error "puttygen: error loading `name.ppk': PuTTY key format too new"

In order to convert the new v3 ppk file to pem, you need to use puttygen 0.75 or newer. At the time of writing this, v0.73 is the latest you can get using apt, but you can download and build the ...
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