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Can't access windows 10 partition after update to 23.10

Sur Ubuntu 24.04 LTS First sudo mkdir /media/tizibienvenus/SeagateExpansionDrive After sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/tizibienvenus/SeagateExpansionDrive Sur les autres versions d'Ubuntu sudo ntfsfix /...
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Looking for a Reliable, Maintenance-Free Backup Solution for Ubuntu 24.04

Timeshift` is a reliable maintenance free package for backup and is intuitive in it's use. Addressing concerns about Timeshift being only for system backups, it is configurable under Settings > ...
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Slow NVMe (Gen4) on Ubuntu

Even though the hdparm test is designed for minimum overhead, I think the test results are still system and CPU limited. I have two NVME drives installed in my Ubuntu 24.04 test server. Both are WD ...
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