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Can we have a terminal that we can write like a text editor?

Normally, Bash will be in emacs mode. If this is the case (and as indicated by the comment from @frabjous), you can press Ctrl+x followed by Ctrl+e to enter "text editor mode". This can be ...
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Generating TOTP for 2FA directly from the computer (no mobile device)

KeepassXC This is a Linux native open-source password manager available from the Ubuntu repository. there is also a PPA if you want the latest. Install keepassXC either from the Ubuntu store or from ...
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What is the best Linux distribution for someone who have been on Windows OS for years?

Well, since this is specifically an Ubuntu-related site, we're probably going to toot our own horn and suggest that you try a few of the official Ubuntu flavors. When you boot the Ubuntu installer, ...
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Generating TOTP for 2FA directly from the computer (no mobile device)

If you only need to generate codes and not manage them (e.g. you do not mind storing the TOTP secret elsewhere and providing it each time you need to generate a code) you can use oathtool which is ...
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Defragging NTFS Partitions from Linux

I use Ventoy on a USB stick, with a Win10 PE .ISO file on it. Boot Ventoy, select the Win10 PE .ISO file, it boots up Win10 PE, then I defrag (with Defraggler) the NTFS partitions. I also keep a .ISO ...
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Cli tool to shift timing of subtitles

You can try srt-stf (srt subtitles time fixer): A simple tool written in Python: netharuM / srt-subtitle-time-fix srt-stf --file <input_track>.srt --time 00:00:28,500 -o <output>.srt This ...
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What is a good Amazon S3 client?

2023 Follow-Up https://github.com/rclone/rclone : works nearly everywhere , e.g. self hosted minio https://github.com/s3fs-fuse/s3fs-fuse : works as usual with "all" backends dragon-disk ( ...

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