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How to uninstall any pre-installed/system app from Ubuntu?

You can use Synaptic, which is a graphical installer/uninstaller. Installed software is highlighted by colors and the packages have a description which tells what the purpose of the package is. You ...
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Rust compiler installation

Unless you need the latest, bleeding edge version of Rust, do apt-cache search rust to see which Ubuntu packages provide which versions of rust. For initial learning, one doesn't need the absolute ...
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Rust compiler installation

Based on the output: command failed: downloader /tmp/tmp.byP7Lz97VD/rustup-init x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu It seems as ...
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Rust compiler installation

If not installing system wide, then you should probably be in your user's $HOME directory ~/ instead of / so just run cd or cd ~/ before you run the curl stuff. Your user does not own or have ...
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Installing Java

try using this command in the terminal: sudo apt install default-jre then you can try using: java -version to check version
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Installing Java

Do not download binaries straight from the Internet. That is not how to install software on Linux. It is how Windows users do it, but it is wrong on Linux. Install it from the package manager. Google ...
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How to install specific docker version from apt-cache policy docker-ce candidate list

I came here searching for a way to select a specific version of docker-ce from the official repositories, while beeing able to use apt upgrade for updating patch versions. This is my solution: # /etc/...
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Can't install software-properties-common on Ubuntu 20.04 docker image

This is the only thing I was able to get to work: RUN apt install -y -f software-properties-common || sudo dpkg --configure -a && apt install -y -f software-properties-common|| sudo dpkg --...
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MiKTeX Console has closed unexpectedly in Ubuntu 22.04 and switching to TeXLive

I also had the same issue when I just started writing my master's thesis. Now that I have spare time I checked the Git issue you raised and the comments following the threads, I figured out the issue. ...
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permission error when installing ttf-mscorefonts-installer/Can't drop privileges as file couldn't be accessed by user '_apt'

This simple thing worked for me; Copy the file to /_remove/package.deb apt-get -y install /_remove/package.deb I had the file downloaded as root and kept within the root's path previously.
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My computer won't move on to an unfamiliar screen

Changing python version is going to cause major problems because many components of Ubuntu depend on it. First, install the package ubuntu-desktop to restore the necessary packages for GUI. sudo apt ...
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Linux driver installation on ARM chromebook gives architecture error

The Chromebook has an ARM processor, which has a different architecture (arm64) from standard Intel/AMD processors (amd64 architecture). You will need to find drivers for the arm64 architecture. It ...
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I am not able to uninstall emacs from ubuntu using the terminal?

It is important to know what method to install Emacs you used. There are several methods to install Emacs on Ubuntu. apt install emacs snap install emacs --classic flatpak install flathub org.gnu....
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How to uninstall jdownloader completely?

jdownloader is packaged as a snap package called jdownloader2 in Ubuntu. Your jdownloader is installed as a snap package, so first uninstall whatever other versions of jdownloader are installed, and ...
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Ubuntu 22.04 Kubernetes setup - failed to pull image

You are probably missing proxy settings for kubeadm i would try setting proxy in the bash: export HTTP_PROXY= export HTTPS_PROXY= export ...
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Uninstalling NVM is not successfull

I read around about aliases. I stumbled upon this post: So I checked if nvm is defined as alias: root@...
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How install AIDE on Ubuntu

"apt install aide" will install the aide subsystem. No, you do not have to configure postfix. The important directories are "/etc/aide" for config files and "/var/lib/aide&...
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error while loading shared libraries:

Often time researchers use older versions of FreeSurfer (and similar tools like AFNI which rely on since deprecated packages, see here for a related issue with To solve on Ubuntu 22.04 ...
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How can I install the driver for rtl8192eu USB 2.0?

If you are searching for realtek rtl8192eu linux driver, then check packages that are available for other distributions: yum search realtek yum install rtl-sdr
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How to compile and run a COBOL program?

Ubuntu 22.04 and later open-cobol is not available anymore in Ubuntu 22.04 and later. Install cobol with sudo apt install gnucobol4 This works. There is good support for COBOL using Vim as an editor.
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Installing a new version of a software already installed?

I simply do sudo apt install <upgrade_file.deb> and it replaces the current version pretty well.
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