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How to grant a snap permission to read the whole filesystem

You have a few options. Install in devmode sudo snap install mdview --devmode then run as usual mdview Run from inside the snap, bypassing confinement /snap/mdview/current/bin/mdview file....
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Correct way to update Firefox Snap on 22.04

Ubuntu's support of Firefox via snap rather than apt is, if not "broken", at the very least "not delivering the experience that users have a right to expect" (as per other answer). ...
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Inkscape file paths are relative to home folder

Thanks to Daniel T. This is an issue on inkscape 1.3.1. I submitted a bug report for now. I might not have time to follow it up. For now, I use the Inkscape-091e20e-x86_64.AppImage (version 1.3.2) at ...
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I uninstalled snap. Is it safe to delete /var/lib/snapd/?

Snap can be safely removed from an Ubuntu install. The system directory /var/lib/snapd/ is solely used by the snap system, and thus can be safely removed if it was left behind after installation. That ...
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How do i eliminate files saved in Run/user/1000/doc

Clear your exported flatpak documents found in /run/user/1000/doc by using the following command: flatpak documents | xargs -n1 flatpak document-unexport --doc-id /run/user/1000/doc is not a tmpfs. ...
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Plex can't see ZFS pool when trying to add library

I would suggest trying Daniel's suggestion with a bind mount. Here, I assume your homedir is /home/marcus. Then, you can create a bind mount (filesystem "loop"/"replication") like ...
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snap only lists 2 versions per app, but did NOT delete the actual snaps

To remove Snaps using a GUI application, install Stacer from Ubuntu Software. There is an uninstaller option in the app which will list all your Snap Packages and you can individually select the ones ...
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Is there a simple way to find the location of any given application

"So is there an easier, dare I say it canonical way to find the path to applicationX?" No. You have tried them all and found each lacking. There is no secret tool beyond them. Do not assume ...
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How to purge old Openshot files?

To purge all old Openshot files from this machine, I concluded that all files or folders related with/to org.openshot.OpenShot had to be removed. To remove the relevant directories I performed sudo rm ...
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