Questions related to Ubuntu Server, and server-related packages.

What Questions Should Have This Tag?:

Some Basic Definitions:

Term Definition
Server A device on a network which provides "services" to other devices such as web content, file sharing, email, printing, and shared disk space
Ubuntu Server An Operating System (OS) which (through software/hardware) allows the device(s) to perform server-related functions
LAMP An acronym for a typical web server meaning Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
LAMPP An acronym for a more generalised web server meaning Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, PostgreSQL

Brief Introduction to the Subject:

Packages and programs that are included in the Ubuntu Server core include web servers, databases, DNS, etc. These programs include:

  • Apache 2 web server
  • MySQL Database
  • PostgreSQL Database
  • PHP
  • Bind 9 DNS Server

These programs can be set up and installed separately from the Ubuntu Server Core, but questions regarding those programs should be tagged with that program's tag.

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