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Using Ubuntu Server in company (business related) / commercial use

You seem to be quoting the Ubuntu Intellectual Property Rights Policy (without attribution, shame upon you). And you seem to be misreading it to suggest that Intellectual Property Rights are somehow ...
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Ubuntu Server 22.04LTS fresh install has a dependency conflict

According to the results of apt policy grub-efi-amd64-{signed,bin} the involved packages are currently undergoing a phased update. They are being held back in most cases, but because this is causing a ...
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How to reset `ip a` index to start at `1` and end at `number of devices`

These are not really indexes but rather ip command specific sequential numbers that get messed up when interfaces are deleted and they shouldn't be relied upon for identifying interfaces ... A way to ...
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How can I implement version control for documents in samba share?

This is not something that's part of the Samba (SMB) protocol. File versioning should probably either be done on document, filesystem or management level. There was a user-level versioning filesystem ...
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How to access virtual machine in KVM without ssh?

The easiest method to access virtual machine consoles is the program called virt-manager. It is a GUI program that is an "all in one" solution to manage virtual machines in general - create, ...
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Cannot run docker after install by snap command inside Ubuntu 22.04 EC2

The snapcraft store page for docker explains what to do. A snippet: "By default, Docker is only accessible with root privileges (sudo). If you want to use docker as a ...
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