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On ubuntu 16.04 you can use official apt package without install any other ppa repository. sudo apt install rustc ... and don't forget cargo sudo apt install cargo ... but the versions are not really updated: (August 2016) rustc 1.7.0 and cargo 0.8.0. Unfortunally cargo is not compatible with IDEA rust plugin... I used the script pointed in Rust ...


Jonathon Fernyhough has a PPA (personal package archive) where he provides unofficial nightly and versioned builds of rust, but it does require libstdc++ 6.x (Xenial uses 5.4.0). With Yakkety you can install Rust 1.10 from the universe repository, and 1.13 with Zesty. Rust can be installed from this PPA by running the following, as well as llvm which is ...


I see there is a Debian prospective package bug 689207 still open. There are initial packages but it's not ready to be in the distribution. There is also a Debian wiki page about the packaging effort. It alludes to the fact that Rust's compiler is written in Rust so the bootstrapping process is strange, so perhaps that's why it's not packaged yet. There ...


I might be too late in commenting here but I found that using was easier. Here is what I ran in terminal to have rust installed on my Ubuntu subsystem for Windows 10: curl -sSf | sh


The command make clean doesn't affect your installation and it's a good idea to get some space back after the installation. To install the application again via sudo make install you have to start make first, because all compiled resources in the source folder will be removed after the clean.


Uninstall libxcb-randr0. sudo apt remove libxcb-randr0 Manually download libxcb-randr0 (1.12-1ubuntu1) from the official Ubuntu 17.10 repositories from here. Under the Download libxcb-randr0 section click either the red amd64 link or the i386 link, depending on your OS's architecture. Select a nearby mirror and download libxcb-randr0. Open the terminal,...


rustc 1.23 is in proposed repos for 18.04. If everything goes right (in development), 18.04 may be released with version 1.23. If not, you can get it by enabling proposed repos. Package Details :


googling your ssl error returned this, I would try these solutions. maybe you messed with your ssl?

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