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You have several console options here: For known package name you can use apt-cache policy package-name - see example below from my system: $ apt-cache policy doublecmd-gtk doublecmd-gtk: Installed: 0.9.7-0+svn9235~testing Candidate: 0.9.7-0+svn9235~testing Version table: *** 0.9.7-0+svn9235~testing 500 500 http://download.opensuse.org/...


Assuming you deleted your entire local repo: Go you your git project on Github. (I'm using gitignore for demonstration purposes) Find the green "Clone or download" button. Copy the url from the dialog. In your terminal: git clone [your repo address] and cd [repo name] into it.


My bad I again had to install sudo dpkg -i nv-tensorrt-repo-ubuntu1804-cuda10.2-trt7.0.0.11-ga-20191216_1-1_amd64.deb then purge the package with sudo dpkg -P nv-tensorrt-repo-ubuntu1804-cuda10.2-trt7.0.0.11-ga-20191216 Worked just fine

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