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The other answers here are very useful, but there is another potential cause for this behavior I've experienced which requires a completely different solution. I was running Ubuntu 18.04 on VirtualBox 6.1.4, and after installing some proprietary applications my work uses, all Qt5 applications would fail to start. Like everyone else here, they printed an ...


A convenient workaround for me was adding it to my favorites from the omnibar.


Platform: Kubuntu 18. In my case, I did strace -f -s 1000 zoom -o zoom.trace, then studied zoom.trace. There was a lot of output. I searched for SIGABRT to narrow things down. The problem was that when Zoom launched /usr/bin/kde-open5, that process was hitting an internal assert right after trying to stat /usr/bin/platforms. On a whim, I did this: sudo ln ...

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