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41 votes

Broken Packages Fix Problem (For Wine)

The problem is that Wine now depends on libfaudio0, but Ubuntu versions prior to 19.10 don't include it in the standard repositories. The link to the Winehq forum page with directions on how to ...
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26 votes

Installing Starcraft 2 PlayOnLinux

PlayOnLinux does a terrible job with Starcraft II at the time of this writing. If your end goal is playing Starcraft II on Linux, here's what worked for me, on Ubuntu 17.04 Remove PlayOnLinux ...
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23 votes

How to install PlayOnLinux on Ubuntu 16.04

You can simply run command sudo apt update sudo apt install playonlinux for installation. There is no need for PPA. To update to the latest version, it needs to download .deb file.
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22 votes

How to install PlayOnLinux on Ubuntu 16.04

At the time of writing this post, the application is provided by for 16.04 version. Add the repository by using the following in the terminal, sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/apps ...
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20 votes

How do I install MS Office 2016 on PlayOnLinux

I will provide directions that worked for me for a manual (non-script) installation of Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus on Ubuntu 18.04 using PlayOnLinux (POL) v4.3.4 and Wine x86 v3.4. All the ...
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16 votes

Broken Packages Fix Problem (For Wine)

late answer I had a similar problem: What I did: I remove all "wine" ppa using "Software and updates" tool in ubuntu / kubuntu. Then, i followed the guide here: install latest wine or here. In ...
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15 votes

Playonlinux Steam Black Screen -- update

I had the exact same issue. I found an easy fix for me: Instead of putting the "no cef sandbox..." in the Arguments field, just type: wine steam.exe -no-browser +open steam://open/minigameslist ...
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14 votes

How to install wxpython ubuntu 16.04

I could install it by typing in a terminal: sudo apt-get install python-wxgtk3.0 I don't know but I think that the older versions (2.8, 2.6, …) aren't currently in the 16.04 repositories.
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11 votes

PlayOnLinux Steam black screen

This is a common problem with Wine/Steam. I encountered it and here's what I did to make it work. Make sure to have your wine compatibility set to Windows XP for Steam while running the exe with the "-...
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9 votes

Office 2016 Installation Using PlayOnLinux

According to, Office 2016 is not supported. You do however have some alternatives: Run Office 2016 in a virtual machine with Windows. Office 2013 might work with PlayOnLinux on your ...
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9 votes

League of Legends - PlayOnLinux stuck

There is a r/Ubuntu post in Reddit by jmobastos69 that details how to install League of Legends (LOL) in PlayOnLinux (POL). This answer is a cleaner and slightly modified version of that post. Remove ...
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8 votes

Problem with the accent marks on MS Office in PlayOnLinux

I have solved it. There are two actions to apply: Solves the problem when you launch the application and then open the file. To do so, follow ingasvist's user instuctions: go to Playonlinux, select ...
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7 votes

On the download page for PlayOnLinux, what is Cosmic, Bionic, Xenial, etc.?

This are the code names of the Ubuntu releases which are supported. To put it into perspective ill list them below with their version numbers. If they are already end of life or still supported you ...
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6 votes

How to check if my Wine prefix is 32 bit or 64 bit?

Thanks to @wilf's for 'WINEPREFIX/drive_c/windows/syswow64' (it works).. but i have been editing the wine registry to find any entry that reveals what winearch the system is using (win32 or win64), ...
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6 votes

Steam store not working on Ubuntu 16.04

Welcome to AskUbuntu! I've had this problem before, it seems to be actually a known issue with web-based UI elements: You can ...
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6 votes

PlayOnLinux/Windows Steam store still blank with no-cef-sandbox on 16.04

EDIT 11-Apr-2020: This answer is no longer valid for Steam for Windows running in Linux. You can try the command wine steam.exe -no-browser +open steam://open/minigameslist but I haven't had big ...
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6 votes

Broken Packages Fix Problem (For Wine)

Do 1: sudo apt-add-repository --remove 'deb ./' Do 2: wget -nc ...
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6 votes

How can I install Wine (i386) on Ubuntu 19.10?

Execute the following commands for a Wine installation: sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add - sudo apt-add-repository 'deb ...
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5 votes

Playonlinux error - an error occured during the download

I resolved the issue by downloading the file from and placing it into ~/.PlayOnLinux/ressources/ folder wget
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5 votes

What is the most recent MSOffice that can be run under Wine/Playonlinux?

Since the new Wine 2.0 version got released, you can now theoretically run MS Office 2013 with it, according to the announcement on the official WineHQ website: The Wine team is proud to announce ...
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5 votes

Playonlinux won't start. Ubuntu 16.04

For anyone else who had this issue, here's your solution.. If you try to run playonlinux and recieve this error: ImportError: No module named wxversion failed tests Please install python before ...
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5 votes

How do I install MS Office 2016 on PlayOnLinux

Below is the first version of Office 2016 script for PlayOnLinux (based on Office 2013 one). It uses Wine 3.0, but sometimes it crashes on Office Welcome screen when trying to call unimplemented ...
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5 votes

How to install Tencent Gaming Buddy on PlayOnLinux?

When tencent gaming buddy runs on Windows platform it also starts some of its services, these services are necessary for the startup of tencent gaming buddy.So if you want to start tencent gaming ...
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5 votes

PlayOnLinux asks for wine 4.2

I have seen this error message Error in POL_Wine_InstallVersion Unable to find version: 4.2 when tried to install some program with PlayOnLinux. You need to install the newest version of ...
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5 votes


Although you can migrate many Steam games, and some other games, not all games or apps will migrate. The sole solution without virtualization is Dual-Boot; installing Ubuntu on the same drive which ...
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4 votes

/etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d/multiarch: Permission denied

You have two problems: /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d/multiarch file is being opened by the shell as unprivileged user before the echo command runs, hence the permission error as only root should be able to ...
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4 votes

How to install wxpython ubuntu 16.04

Meanwhile it's possible to install wxPython with sudo pip install wxpython, eventually you have to use sudo pip install --upgrade wxpython. If you need 4.x which isn't provided by Ubuntu (for some ...
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4 votes

Can't install PlayOnLinux

Most likely the sudo apt-get install -f will fix the issue. The needed packages will be installed. You could install PoL an easier way from Ubuntu repositories by sudo apt install playonlinux but ...
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