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Executing tcpdump without sudo on Ubuntu 20.04

I just ran into the same problem, the issue is here. sudo su usermod -a -G pcap $USER in the "sudo su" context, USER = root, so you've added the root user to the pcap group, not your ...
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Does the superuser in grub.cfg have to be real?

After some testing, I found that no, the user doesn't have to be real. User "abcdef" above can log in to get through the GRUB screen, but can't sign into the machine.
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chown + chmod 700, still cant paste files in /opt/lampp/htdocs

Try chown sudo chown -R username:users'Group /opt/lampp/htdocs it will work for sure but rather than /opt/lampp/htdocs, change ownership of /opt/lampp/ only.
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Permission denied even if you enter the correct password when connecting to uuntu with ssh

TO enable password based authentication you must make two things to yes in /etc/ssh/sshd_config file PasswordAuthentication yes KbdInteractiveAuthentication yes
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How do I make video-downloader (installed with snap) access removable media?

That place on the system drive it wants to download to - I've got a symbolic link there which points elsewhere. In my case, it too is on the system drive. It might work pointing the symbolic link ...
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/dev/null permission denied in chroot environment

Basically you need to mount a few things like MaGaroo mentioned but be sure to use the right permissions. This list came from arch-chroot in arch install scripts but is generally applicable to most ...
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Solving permission problems when using external EXT4 hard disk with multiple linux installs

$ cd /mnt $ ls -ld Check who created the mount target for the ext4 /mnt/*** folder. Let's suppose the folder name is myext4files. This user is the owner of the files, in the ext4 policy: Ex: ...
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What's the real meaning of "!!" in /etc/shadow on Ubuntu

This is documented in man 5 shadow (emphases mine): encrypted password This field may be empty, in which case no passwords are required to authenticate as the specified login name. However, some ...
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Unable to change file ownership through find-exec

You need to take what the error shows literally: it says you are trying to exec(ute) ‘chown shahnawaz:shahnawaz /home/shahnawaz/file1’. Short answer: drop the 's :) Long answer: find ~/ -gid 1001 -...
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Can't extract in /usr/share/icons/

You have to use sudo, that is correct. If you want to actually change the permissions, so you don't need the password: sudo chown -R username:username /usr/share/icons -R applies ownership to ...
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I cannot get Plex server to see any directories

The issue is that Plex creates a new user "plex" on installation. This user doesn't have permission to read in your user folder. The easiest solution is to add the user plex to your group: ...
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Installed thonny using sudo but can't run from desktop

Some installers may attempt to install the application just for the user running the installer, which is what happened here; Unnecessarily running bash thonny-4.1.4.bash with sudo made Bash run as ...
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Not root anymore and I am the only user

UID 1 is supposed to be "daemon", a system account. Check whether that account exists: $ getent passwd daemon Did you apply system updates, or run some sort of security tool? Check your ...
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Discord, how can I make it stop flooding my logs?

Its not an answer, but I switched to the online version and the issue is resolved.
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NTFS hard drive is read only

I had the same error with no writing access to an NTFS disk I had not opened for while. The "rw" flag didn't help. The reason was that the filesystem "needed repair". I learned it ...
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Landscape with OIDC how to assign permissions to users?

authentik have done a write-up of how to solve this issue here: TLDR; to manually assign your OpenID Connect User with the Admin ...
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udev not updating usb permissions and group

If someone else stumbles on this, use := ":=" Assign a value to a key finally; disallow any later changes. Added in version 247. SUBSYSTEMS=="usb",GROUP:="tomcat6",MODE=...
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drop_cache Permissions Denied

The answer to 'I even used sudo su and it still said Permissions denied' is that you probably did not really do sudo su, as that would have worked unless your permissions were screwed up). The recipe ...
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