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Xubuntu: No password request after suspension

Answering after 11 years - Ubuntu 23.10, Xfce 4.18 open Xfce Screensaver app, go to Lock Screen tab and click on Enable Lock Screen option
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Can't change root password, passwd doesn't do anything

You have to swicth to root user by sudo su - and to change pass for username sudo passwd username
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chsh always asking a password , and get `PAM: Authentication failure`

I used /bin/fish after entering in root user with sudo su After reading @Mithril that mentions /etc/pam.d/chsh file with the following comment: # This will not allow a user to change their shell ...
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Trying to change login password but new password doesn't stick

sudo passwd will change the root user's password, while passwd will change the current user's password. Therefore, using passwd instead of sudo passwd would help. You can reference to this post: ...
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Password doesn't work if type too fast

SOmetimes, when I type faster than my fingers are willing to tolerate, I get the thing that happened with the first word of this sentence. I was going to go back and correct, it, but I then thought, ...
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Is there a single line command to do `su`?

This only works for me echo "<password>" | sudo -S sleep 1 && sudo su - <username> Original answer here
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Avoid Grub2 password protect on every boot?

I appreciate you self-answering this, you saved me a lot of work. I don't have enough reputation to add a comment but I wanted to share a sed command I used to make this change. Also MAKE SURE TO BACK ...
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