Passwords are used to check user identity or authenticate, for example log in to a user account, to gain elevated privileges with `sudo` or with encryption. Use this tag when asking about using and managing passwords, and understanding where and when they are needed for system security.

A password is a string of characters that is used for authentication, to prove identity or gain access to a resource. It is a simple way of providing some degree of security to a system.

When you create a user account in Ubuntu, you are prompted to set a password for that user. This password may be used to log in (unless an autologin option is selected) and to authenticate sudo commands if the user is allowed to use sudo. A minimum password strength is enforced. When user passwords are entered in a tty or terminal, for security reasons no text or symbols appear and the cursor does not move.

Passwords (or passphrases) are also used with encryption.

Use this tag when asking for guidance on password use and management and the role of passwords in information security as applicable to Ubuntu.