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GUI Password protect a folder in 22.04

Take all of this with the disclaimer that the methods that someone should take to protect data are deeply personal to the situation. You need to take into account your particular threat model. You ...
  • 11.4k
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Special character password variable from bash to expect block is not working

All your shell variables are unquoted in the shell. That allows the shell to perform various substitutions Instead of send "'$osUserPwd'\r" you have to do send "'"$osUserPwd"'...
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I am facing problem of character keys , while I am Logging in and I want to use @ symbol in password its showing " instead

So you tried to set the password xyz@ in the installer, but since the English (UK) layout was in use there, pressing Shift+2 gave you a password with " instead of @. Then I suppose you want to ...

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