Disk partitioning is the act of dividing a hard disk drive into multiple logical storage units referred to as 'partitions'

What Questions Should Have This Tag?:

  • Questions on limitations of partitioning
  • Questions on process of partitioning
  • Questions on possible partitioning software

Some Basic Definitions:

Partition editor software - can be used to create, re-size, delete and manipulate partitions on the hard disk.

Partition - a portion of space set aside on a disk which is logically separated from other parts of the disk. (Think pieces of a pie, split into 4 slices)

Brief Introduction to the Subject:

Partitions are used to divide up space on a disk, in order to accomplish different tasks. This can be having different Operating Systems, File Systems, Permissions, and can be even be spread across separate physical disks (one partition over multiple disks).

When using a Unix/Linux based system (Ubuntu/Linux) there is almost always a swap partition which is used to "swap" memory between RAM, and the physical hard disk.

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