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After Ubuntu 22.04 upgrade NTFS is read only problem?

For my case, The command sudo dmesg | tail shows: ntfs3: Unknown parameter 'windows_names' It seems the new ntfs3 driver does not support the 'windows_names' flag anymore. Base on this suggestion I ...
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No write permission on a mounted NTFS drive

For those of you on Ubuntu 22.04, set the type of the filesystem to ntfs3 in fstab.
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Defragging NTFS Partitions from Linux

I use Ventoy on a USB stick, with a Win10 PE .ISO file on it. Boot Ventoy, select the Win10 PE .ISO file, it boots up Win10 PE, then I defrag (with Defraggler) the NTFS partitions. I also keep a .ISO ...
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How to change UUID of NTFS partition?

There is a way to modify the UUID of NTFS partition by modifying the superblock. Volume serial number is the eight bytes beginning at offset 0x48 in an ntfs formatted drive/partition so, altering it ...
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Issues with Shared NTFS HD | Ubuntu 20.04 x Windows 10

So, discussion in comments showed that the problem starts happening once Windows gets to access the NTFS partition. So, is it a Windows problem? Looks likely, though there's a chance the ntfs-3g FUSE ...
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Filename aux not allowed in NTFS filesystem?

AUX is a reserved nameon MS Windows. So use of aux, AUX, aux.ext etc are not allowed on Windows, and apparently the linux drivers now help you to adhere to this convention on ntfs formatted volumes.
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Cannot change ownership of a Samba shared NTFS drive

And you never will. Microsoft filesystem do not understand POSIX. And chmod, chown are POSIX. NTFS permissions are set when mounting. Samba has options for permissions in its configuration file smb....
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Conflict between executing AppImages and NTFS support. (Ubuntu 22.04)

You don't need the fuse-package to run appimages, only the package libfuse2 is required. It is the fuse-package, wich will remove ntfs-3g and fuse3 and other packages, depending on your desktop ...
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NTFS hard drive is read only

I used this command on Ubuntu 22.04 fixed my NTFS partition read-only: sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g after installing, unmount the partition and mount it again It fixed complete my issue.
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NTFS hard drive is read only

For me, this worked so far: /partition/identifier /mount/point ntfs-3g rw,uid1000,gid1000,umask=0000,fmask=0000 0 0 you can also remount it as rw for a quick test: sudo mount -o remount,rw /...
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unable to mount hdd

You can change /etc/fstab file and append ,ro to the mount options for the NTFS drive. Mount the drive. Now you can remove the hibernation file like so sudo ntfs-3g -o remove_hiberfile /dev/sdb1 /path ...
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Unable to mount Windows (NTFS) filesystem due to hibernation

One of the latest windows dirty tricks courtesy of microsuck. It now keeps your data hostage by not cleanly unmounting its own filesystem and keeping journaling/paging data or whatever in a swap file, ...
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