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Solved. Re-installed all of the nfs packages, rpcbind, etc., rebooted, and the NFS shares are now available.


I've stopped searching about this topic and I will continue in the future but these are what I'd found. They've added this man page to newer Ubuntu distros: And in ubuntuforums an active member said: From what I have read, kernel 4.12+ has supported pNFS which means Ubuntu 18.04 and higher. ...


I've the found following procedures, which I'm investigating now. Suggestions, comments welcome. Clonezilla Live on Hard Drive HOWTO - Starting clonezilla in batchmode from local hard drive with a custom-ocs (automated backup of hard drive)


I followed what wanadium suggested in comments (many thanks!) which solved the issue for normal users being unable to mount/unmount. Here is the line that had to be added to /etc/fstab //remote-usrs-srv/Users$ /home/mylinux_username/drive_usr cifs users,noauto,rw,suid,exec,dev,iocharset=utf8,username=my_windows_username,domain=AD,vers=2.0 ...

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