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How to get a usb wifi dongle to work?

The Simplecom NW621 with the Realtek RTL88x2bu chipset is now working. I had a chat to google's Bard AI, which wasn't terribly helpful after it got confused and thought I was talking about which car I ...
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Why is my ethernet port not coming up upon bootup on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS?

I was a bit too quick on the draw submitting this question. In Gnome, I went to Settings -> Network and selected options for the ethernet interface and discovered that "Connect Automatically&...
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Routing Table Metric With Two Interfaces

After some soul searching and furious trial and error I found the solution to my problem - which @mpboden may have contributed towards. When setting the default route towards the router in netplan - I ...
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Lubuntu 22.04 won't recognize Ralink MT7601U, dmesg reports disagreement re symbol version

(Thanks to @chili555's for this solution) The module for your Ralink WiFi dongle is called mt7601u. The mt7601u module is indeed in conflict with another module you have loaded, iwlwifi_compat To ...
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Finding the name of a wireless interface from kernel module

If you know the name of the driver that the device will be bound to, then you can search the /sys filesystem and get a list of network devices that are using it. If you don't know the name of the ...
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Trying to SAMBA share a folder always gives errors

Hey I was having the same problem when using the graphic interface in Nautilus and turns out it was a bug in nautilus-share https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus-share/+bug/1967245. I ...
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