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How to configure a fallback static IP address when there is no DHCP server present

On Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, the configuration settings below worked for me. FWIW: I have two virtual machines (VM) that are connected to a private Ethernet network (192.168.1.x/24). One VM provides the DHCP ...
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List of WiFi networks missing in 22.10

Solved. Ubuntu 22.10 is in the process of switching from wpa_supplicant to iwd. On my machine, service iwd was masked and service wpa_supplicant was enabled and running. In addtion, /etc/...
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Internet stops working after installing ProtonVPN

I'm using Pop_OS! This used to work for me: nmcli connection delete ipv6leakintrf0 Sometimes it'll error out saying ipv6leakintrf0 doesn't exist, even though ifconfig sees it, so I perform this guy ...
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How do I get NetworkManager to assign a fixed MAC address to eth0?

For wifi connections using network manager (nmcli -v 1.40.0) you can configure a fixed cloned mac address using: nmcli con show nmcli con modify HotelWifiName wifi.cloned-mac-address 70:48:f7:1a:2b:3c ...
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Odd network icon

According to Ubuntu desktop guide, this means that you are disconnected from the network.

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