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How can I install mytop on newer versions of Ubuntu?

Debian decided to remove the mytop package from its repositories (see bug #1026428), because the upstream source for mytop is not maintained, and has not seen a release since 2010. This change ...
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Installing mysql-server showing error. Unmet dependencies:

If you're facing an issue with an infinite loop of dependencies preventing a clean install or removal of existing packages, here's a solution that worked for me after some trial and error: Start by ...
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How do I install mysql-dev for server?

The default repositories in Ubuntu don't include the server development package for MySQL by default, but you can work around this limitation by installing the MySQL source code. Open the terminal and ...
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Sqlyog not connected to ubuntu 22.04

I think you have the old version of SQLYog. Some old ssh authorization methods are depreciated in Ubuntu 22 but old versions of SQLYog do not support the new one.
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How to create a database directory structure for MySQL?

Encountered similar issue! Possibly this is due to dir /var/lib/mysql_replica/ likely mounted on other disk or other partition and AppArmor prevent mysql accessing the dir. There's bug on this at ...
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Default mySQL user behavior not matching online guides

This guide from DigitalOcean is incomplete. After you run mysql_secure_installation, you should login using mysql -u root -p supersecretpassword and do this change: ALTER USER 'root'@'localhost' ...
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