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Hide the mouse cursor while viewing a Amazon movie

Check this out: its about unclutter, an app that can hide you mouse after inactivity. This command will hide the mouse instantly unclutter -idle 0.01 -root You ...
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USB mouse stopped working after reboot

So, after hours of messing around, I've been able to solve the issue: After connecting the usb dongle, wait a few minutes, then restart the driver sudo rmmod usbhid sudo modprobe usbhid And it solved ...
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Ubuntu 22.04.1: How to automatically reset USB connections upon wake?

2 years and 3 months after asking, I think I finally got it working! 🎉 Thanks so much to @Raffa, @Oratorium, and @emk2203 for the guidance. I created this file: cat /lib/systemd/system-sleep/restart-...
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