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Mounting a SMB subfolder This finally worked mount // subfolder -o ...
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unresponding cp between two remote cifs share, both on the same distant machine

i found this Samba connection issues after the new 6.5.0-27-generic kernel update and i updated the 12 April, so it seems to be the same pb downgrade the kernel version correct the problem ! https://...
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Failure to mount external harddisk in Ubuntu 22.04

Actually this worked for me. Check the status of the disks by using : lsblk. Then use the command : sudo ntfsfix /dev/sdb1, here replace the "/dev/sdb1" drive with your drive name found ...
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How to remount a RAID 0 after a fresh install?

I don't care if I'm necromancing this post but I had the exact same kind of problem: Wanted to change Linux Distro from POP!_OS Tried Debian, created RAID0 since the non-GUI Installer felt nice and ...
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Keep getting "end kernel panic - not syncing unable to mount root fs on unknown block"

I've just seen this exact same issue and by complete coincidence I also set the storage size to 10GB. I've deleted the VM and started from scratch with storage size of 25GB, seems to be working now. ...
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CIFS on 22.04 LTS - has something changed between kernel 5.15.0-101-generic and 5.15.0-102-generic?

I have the same issues since a few days. My smb share access became very slow, and I tried to figure out what causes these problems. I saw a lot of smb request issues from the CIFS module (see below). ...
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Emergency mode journalctl shows fail mount

I just commented out the line in /etc/fstab regarding the disk which mount was failing and it worked
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Automating a mount operation that requires user input

For those who found this page on google and are needing another answer. Works for RHEL. This is not the best way to handle this problem. #!/bin/bash /usr/bin/expect -c " spawn /bin/mount -t ...
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22.04.4 LTS snap firefox chromium permission problems

I have encountered a similar problem after a broken upgrade today. During an upgrade, one package (in my case libkcolorpicker-qt6-0) failed to install ("trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-...
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Mount NFS doesnt work anymore after changing ip adres due VLAN

Today i first changed the ip address back to old one in the fstab file. Then i umount the nfs shares. I changed the fstab file with the new IP Address of the NAS. That still didnt work. Acces denied ...
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Mount path change automatically in Ubuntu

The reason a second mount point is created may be because in a previous moment, the drive was not correctly unmounted. Then the mount point is not erased. Next time you want to mount that drive, ...
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Mount error, special device does not exist

I thought I would add what fixed this in my case incase it helps anyone else. I have cockpit enabled on the machine and mounting my device there worked fine. Cli gave this error. Cli worked on a ...
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Failure to mount external harddisk in Ubuntu 22.04

I thank everybody who responded so far. A solution was found successfully and it is, in a way, a collective solution based on a combination of more than one of the above pieces of advice, as follows. ...
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External Hard drive mount, and Make directory

It has a space. You need to quote it for cd, just like you did with the ls. Recommend to avoid making directories with spaces, it will make your life easier when scripting. Use dashes and ...
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nfs client reconnect after interface change

For auto-reconnect use noresvport at the client side use noresvport sudo mount -t nfs [2b01:7f8:1a:f243::a]:/data/ /data/ -o noresvport At the server use insecure /data/ 2831:650:5b00:9232::9(rw,sync,...
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How to reset NFS client after interrupted connection?

nfs can automatically reconnect. For auto-reconnect use noresvport at the client side use noresvport sudo mount -t nfs [2b01:7f8:1a:f243::a]:/data/ /data/ -o noresvport At the server use insecure /...
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Cannot open files with Emacs after mounting Google Drive on Ubuntu using ocamlfuse

It seemed to be the version of my Emacs. I updated that and everything seems fine now!
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Show Disks in Nautilus sidebar

In Nautilus, removable drives are by default shown in the sidebar when they are connected, i.e., mounted and available. If some of your drives are not, then this reflects an issue with the drive. It ...
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External drive mounts only as root

Meet with the same problem for days. Mine is also ntfs, but mount under /mnt. Checked /etc/fstab, but found the "users" option already there. Finally I found that you should not keep Window'...
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Most of my hard drive is inaccessible, full storage, cannot install anything. /dev/sda2 825G 7.8G 775G 1% /

You need to have a larger /var partition. It is used for things including the cache used to download and hold .deb packages installed/downloaded by APT and such. Expand your /var partition and expect ...
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How to fix fstab entry to mount a partition?

First, find out the partition type. This you can do by mounting the partition using the command that works (sudo mount -o rw,user,uid=1000,umask=007,exec /dev/nvme0n1p4 /media/Work/). Then use the ...
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I couldn't mount my external ssd (ntfs) to my ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS

The problem is solved now. I installed gparted, then I change the flags of the partition, it was first on msftdata, I rechoose msftdta and close it. Then i saw my ssd is recognized and then I try the ...
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Ubuntu 22.04 on Raspberry Pi: /var/cache/fontconfig Gets Created Before /var Is Mounted

sudo systemctl disable fontconfig-regenerate-cache.service is a workaround. But you'll have to re-generate your font cache manually when necessary.
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the folder content could not be displayed input/output error

NTFS files systems are only for windows. If you want to use your HDD in Ubuntu you should re-format it to be in FAT, for example. Beware when formatting your drive though. All data will be deleted, so ...
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sudo apt-get upgrade errors

That might mean (most probable cause first): Your filesystem is corrupt and needs checking and fixing. Your disk is dying with too many bad blocks and needs urgent assessment that might call for ...
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CIFS mounts broken after update from 23.04 to 23.10

I have this issue as well in Ubuntu 23.10 for Arm. I get the same -13 access denied error as you. My fstab entries do not differ from yours in any meaningful way. I copied my entries from a working ...
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