The Macintosh line of computers. Use this tag for questions regarding installing or using Ubuntu on Mac hardware. For questions about the hardware MAC address use the "networking" tag.

Macintosh is a line of computers produced and designed by Apple. First released by Apple in 1984, the line or Macintosh computers continues today.

Macs run OSX, an operating system developed by Apple and designed for Macs. Macs use UEFI instead of BIOS.

There are several Mac models today that can run Ubuntu. All supported models have an Intel processor. Most newer models don't have an optical disk drive, so installing Ubuntu requires a USB stick.

There is a Launchpad Mactel Community team as well as a specialized forum section for Apple hardware on the Ubuntu forums.

Present Mac models include:

  • iMac
  • Mac Pro
  • Macbook Pro
  • Macbook Air
  • Mac Mini
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