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Lubuntu 24.04 installation. bootloader failed

I cannot install Lubuntu 24.04 on my computer directly. So, I tried to install previous releases of Lubuntu. The first release successfully installed was Lubuntu 20.04.05. Then I upgraded it to ...
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Task execution in qterminal dopdown

To learn more about Drop Down menu, I suggest consulting the Lubuntu manual You didn't provide release, so I've provided the link for the 24....
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Task execution in qterminal dopdown

A dropdown terminal in so called "quake mode" continues running in the background. When summoned, it reappears on the top of the screen as you left it. So yes, likely your process is still ...
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Lubuntu 24.04 install stuck at `Performing contextual processes' job` on Chromebook

I encountered the same issue twice at 92%. Clicking on the log icon at the bottom right showed it stuck at 'snap-seed-glue'. After waiting 10 minutes, I unplugged and replugged the network cable a few ...
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How to clone a virtual machine (.vdi) to a physical system?

Organic Marble's answer is great, I just logged in to thank him. Only thing I did differently was that I booted from the VM but I had no need or access to a remote network location, so you can also ...
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Menu bar for each display

In the case of Ubuntu you can go into Appearance -> Dock and enable Show on as All displays.
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how to install sql developer (.rpm file) on lubuntu 18.04

I just installed SQL Developer on Ubuntu 20.04 today without either an .rpm package or make-sqldeveloper-package. It ended up being quite straightforward: Download the "Other Platforms" zip ...
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Wrong fs type bad option bad superblock Just installed Lubuntu 24.04

Turn off User Session Defaults. That is just one step and it worked for me immediately. Thank you very much "eniac" 1)Run Disks app. 2)Select problematic disk. 3) Click the cog wheel. (like &...
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