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Lot of dpkg package missing, but I can't reinstall them

TL;DR dpkg -r PACKAGE1 PACKAGE2 PACKAGE3 ... Short explaination: dpkg -r removes an installed package without removing the config files. In this case, dpkg -r did not perform a real "uninstall&...
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Kernel panic: "initramfs unpacking failed"

I had the same problem while trying to install Ubuntu 22.04, happen that I did not respect the Recommended system requirements: 2 GHz dual-core processor or better 4 GB system memory 25 GB of free ...
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Lubuntu 20.04 unable to switch window manager

The option to switch between window managers and desktop environments is handled by your display manager. It would look like SDDM is the default display manager for Lubuntu per https://manual.lubuntu....
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Desktop icon does not appear in LXQt

Per the instructions suggested by @guiverc from here, I did the following: Opened PCManFM-Qt File Manager Navigated to ~/.local/share/applications using the file manager Clicked Tools > Create ...

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