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My screen has turned violet and I can't login

I solved my problem. First I used top to see what was happening. Then I saw the isolated web occupying it so I killed firefox still xorg occupied it then I found this article so I disconnected my ...
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Ubuntu gdm3 login screen menu

The options you see on the login screen, such as "Ubuntu Budgie," "Ubuntu," and "Ubuntu with Xorg," are different desktop environments or sessions that you can choose to ...
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What are the default username and password for ubuntu-20.04.6-live-server-amd64.iso?

The Ubuntu install process generally prompts you for a user and password. By default root is a random password that protects the system from unauthorised access. If you want to get into the ...
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Cannot login to MATE for one user but not the other

For anyone else that has this issue. I fixed it due to an issue with my previous theme, I had customised it and it was no longer supported in the latest version. If I ran mate-panel it would segfault. ...
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How do I automatically unlock login keyring when logging into Ubuntu 20.04?

to remove this annoying xrdp keyring password dialog in mint 20.3 (may be similar in ubuntu 20.4) go to: cat /etc/pam.d/lightdm: find module includes: @include common-auth -auth optional ...
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