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update 23 to 24 using live-usb iso?

You can update from a live USB while keeping your data. Just follow these steps: Boot from the Ubuntu 24 live USB. Choose the "Install Ubuntu" option. When prompted, select "Something ...
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Installing Ubuntu 22.04 on USB Pendrive on Legacy system

Do you mean install a full OS onto a pen drive, or do you mean simply write an ISO onto a pen drive so that you can boot from it and install? If the latter, don't bother. Just use Ventoy to format a ...
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Unable to create a windows 10 bootable usb on Ubuntu 24.04

The "app" that I see as most useful for writing disk images is           (besides Linux dd) Balena Etcher - which I believe is available for any and all OS:es. Trying to access RAW disk ...
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Live USB changed files

Setting up persistence not required. Using df you see /run/live/overlay where all temporary changes reside. For example, /run/live/overlay/rw/home/user/.config/dconf/user is where all the user dconf ...
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How do I install Ubuntu from an USB drive / create a live USB-stick in Windows?

balenaEtcher is the current default recommendation from Download: Source code: While I'm sure suggestions from other answers ...
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Live USB changed files

When you make the live boot USB, if you use a tool like mkusb, it will offer you the option to add "persistence", so some changes may be keep between boots (like wireless settings). This &...
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Where can I get an Ubuntu Installation CD/DVD/USB?

Debian provides a list of organizations that offer installation media, separated by country. While I cannot verify all of them provide Ubuntu options as well, many do. As an example, here’s a Jammy ...
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How to prevent sleep on Ubuntu 20.04 Live

Some more advice for anyone who's encountered this problem, especially if the above suggestions did not resolve it for you. Open /etc/systemd/sleep.conf in your text editor of choice. In there, set ...
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