Juju is a Charmed Operator Framework, composed of a Charmed Operator Lifecycle Manager and the Charmed Operator SDK.

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Juju is an Open Source Charmed Operator Framework. It helps you move from configuration management to application management and has two main components:

  • Charmed Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM) - a hybrid-cloud application management and orchestration system that helps you from Day 0 to Day 2. Deploy, configure, scale, integrate, maintain and manage Kubernetes native, container-native and VM-native applications -- and the relations between them.

  • Charmed Operators, packaged as “Charms”, are software that encapsulate a single application and all the code and know-how it takes to operate it on Kubernetes or machines.

  • Charmed Operator SDK - a guide to help you build Charmed Operators for use with the Charmed OLM.