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Had found this 'answer', then did some more digging about and found a post on Reddit saying this package was merged in to libmariabd-java: I found the solution. The libmysql-java has been (I think merged) with libmariadb-java. So, I just installed it using sudo apt install libmariadb-java After that just repeated the same steps as I would do with 18.04 and ...


Are you looking for Saxon/C or Saxon/J? On Java, most people with this requirement use Maven for the open source edition. We don't currently publish on Maven for the commercial products, because of concerns about licensing, but we've got plans to change that. For Saxon/C, it's currently a manual installation. Again, we're trying to improve the installability ...


Your OS in docker is not the same as in your host system, your /etc/os-release file on your host does not matter. This is what's happening: Step 1/16 : FROM ubuntu If you don't specify the version of a package in your Dockerfile, it loads the latest version (ubuntu:latest) from docker hub. And there, you can read: The ubuntu:latest tag points to the "...


Install the Blu-ray Java module: sudo apt-get install libbluray-bdj libbluray-bin from here

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