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Burning an iso of a movie makes corrupted DVDs

I found the solution myself. The issue was due to css copy protection. If using dd, the copy protection is copied too. Media Players detects, that it is not the original media but that there is copy ...
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3 votes

How do I actually download the ubuntu desktop iso?

The official site can be found here: Alternatively, here is a list of mirrors:
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1 vote

Startup USB and ISO disk for Ubuntu 24.04 won't work

I'd run into this type of problem with installing Ubuntu 24.04 myself. Read this BUG report: Especially the last 2 comments at the bottom.
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How do I make an ISO from a disc?

On the command-line, easy way: cat /dev/sr0 > image.iso I compared it with the ISO saved by Brasero, and it was identical. dd can be tricky because it works by copying count blocks of size bs ...
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