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Audio is not coming out of the HDMI port properly

It is self-answered. We've confirmed that downgrading to kernel v6.5.11 resolves the sound-related issue for the foreseeable future. But that's probably not a radical solution. I think the cause is ...
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How to install Ubuntu on laptop with a busted display

Closing this out with my own answer, which is what I ultimately did to resolve the problem, helped along by all the comments I received. Adapting @sudodus' suggestions, I installed ubuntu server on a ...
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Ubuntu Studio HDMI audio working only in stereo

Apparently this is indeed a dupe. But I can't close it as such while the bounty is open, so I'm going to check this off and drop it into the bit bucket.
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Getting 3 monitor setup to work in ubuntu 24.04 kernel 6.9

Using the nvidia-settings GUI, switching to PRIME Profiles->NVIDIA(Performance Mode) and rebooting seems to have done the trick.
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Display Loses Signal After Splash Screen - Ubuntu 24.04

I have a NUC11 and am seeing the same "no signal" issue through HDMI. I seem to be having better luck with a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable too, so maybe give that a shot. However, it looks ...
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Display Loses Signal After Splash Screen - Ubuntu 24.04

I had the exact same issue, tried multiple solutions to no avail. What solved it for me was updating to the latest kernel by following the below method: Installing the latest kernel. The title says ...
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5.1 audio via HDMI only plays on two channels

This didn't help me with 24.04, unless i uninstalled alsa-ucm-conf: sudo apt purge alsa-ucm-conf Thanks to
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Ubuntu 24.04 second monitor lost after suspend

I had the same problem. Try going to "Software & Updates" app and in "Additional Drivers" tab switch to Nvidia driver ("NVIDIA driver metapackage from ndvidia-driver-535 (...
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