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How to check/enable the full speed of SATA drive/port?

You could try appending this value to boot option libata.force=6.0 However, it might not work depending on CPU/Motherboard Chipset/HDD hardware combination See Comment to question: It seems like Unix/...
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Wrong fs type bad option bad superblock Just installed Lubuntu 24.04

Turn off User Session Defaults. That is just one step and it worked for me immediately. Thank you very much "eniac" 1)Run Disks app. 2)Select problematic disk. 3) Click the cog wheel. (like &...
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Old iMac, 1.7ghz 8gb any ubuntu system I can use?

I use Kubuntu 24.04 regularly on a 2014 iMac and it works very well. Ubuntu 24.04 or any flavor of that should work in your computer. In my 2014 iMac, the WiFi driver is not supported out of the box, ...
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Seagate External Hard Drive Never Spins Down

I have exactly same problem in Linux with Seagate HDD (On Windows it goes to stand-by automatically) I use this command to put drive to stand by when it is not needed hdparm -y /dev/sda But behaivor ...
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Is Ubuntu 22.04 Desktop (Full) Possible in 25G or Lower Hard Disk Space?

Definitely yes, as I installed 22.04 on a VM with 30GB, I have installed quite a few things on it although nothing storage heavy and I still have about 10 to 15GB left, so yeah 25GB will be good
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Wrong fs type bad option bad superblock Just installed Lubuntu 24.04

Occasionally, I'm facing the same issue with Ubuntu 24.04. The following steps helped me: Run Disks app. Select problematic disk. Click the cog wheel. Edit Mount Options…. Turn off User Session ...
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Unable to send files to trash in hard drive. "File1 can't be put in the trash. Do you want to delete it immediately?" option coming

I had the same problem with Ubuntu 24.04. The solution was opening Disks, clicking on the NTFS partition -> on the little gears icon underneath (Additional partition options)-> "Edit Mount ...
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Ubuntu Dual Boot Installation : Not Detecting Hard Drive or Partitions

You cannot install 24.04 because you do not have any disk space free. As far as I can see sda is made up of one partition or type 'SFS' which is a Windows type partition - see: - https://askubuntu....
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LVM: unable to create snapshot due to failed merge of prior snapshot

Similar to, but I used the following command to refresh the volume group: vgchange --refresh After issuing this command, the merged snapshot disappeared and I ...
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Does this mean I have a failing hard drive? My server keeps shutting down

Solved...I had accidentally installed something that was causing the crash.
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Does this mean I have a failing hard drive? My server keeps shutting down

Since smartctl says "Completed: read failure", it's safe to assume your disk is not healthy. Replace the failing disk.
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Second HDD not showing up after Ubuntu Server reboot

To ensure your secondary HDD (sda1) mounts automatically after a reboot, you need to add it to the /etc/fstab file. Here’s how you can do it: Find the UUID of the Disk: Open a terminal. Run sudo blkid ...
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Copying files (cp and rsync) from rom MacOS formatted exFat sytematically crashes entire system (Ubuntu LTS 24.04)

Switching from Ubuntu LTS 24.04 to 22.04 solved the problem (without being able to explain in more details why)
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Bad magic number in superblock on disk

Disk problems come in three flavors, firmware, hardware and software. To ensure your firmware is up to date,check the manfacturer's site. Do some obvious hardware checks next, cables and power (...
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