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Windows 10 upgrade led to grub rescue

My computer came with Windows 8 pre-installed so I shrunk the Windows partition to make room for Ubuntu. That is how it worked for the last year. After the second reboot in Windows 10 upgrade the ...
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grub_file_filters not found after Ubuntu 19.10 upgrade

In my case, I had an Xubuntu 18.04 VM and after upgrading to 20.04, got the grub error. So I followed what's described here, which is for Kali, but should work for any Linux / grub installation: ...
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GRUB Rescue - setting boot and prefix again and again

I got a solution for this type of problem if grub rescue> prompt occurs in booting time and you have to write a code like: grub rescue> ls grub rescue> set boot=(hd0,msdos*) grub rescue> ...
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Grub rescue prompt, repair grub

To fix grub rescue go with following steps: First thing is we have to start our OS only then after we can fix grub. #to start OS--> error: unknown filesystem. Entering rescue mode... grub rescue&...
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grub_file_filters not found after Ubuntu 19.10 upgrade

Got the same issue, fixed by booting a 19.10 "rescue" USB key then, in terminal: (where sda is your disk and sda1 is your partition on the disk.) $ sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt $ sudo grub-...
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Transaction for is destructive

So I finally found it. It was due to error in my file system after I saw logs. Simple solution was to run: $ fsck /dev/diskname In my case my home was on /dev/sda3. But till I found solution, I had ...
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Windows 10 upgrade led to grub rescue

Before changing partitions, make a backup and save to another device. If not sda change to correct drive. Then you can start over if you restore incorrect set with testdisk. You just want all current ...
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"Compression type 0x3 not supported"

The problem is not related to the kernel image version. Looks like you have enabled zstd compression on the rootfs recently. All new files will be compressed using this algorithm, but old ones remain ...
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Grub rescue prompt, repair grub

Solve ultimate case of grub rescue failure: problems: 1.i386-pc not found****normal mode not working cp not working search.file not working. All can be solved by the following commands, Works with ...
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Windows 10 upgrade led to grub rescue

It's a nasty bug in the Windows partitioner, and not Linux specific. It ironically deleted an NTFS partition in my case. The Windows 10 installer creates a new partition (your /dev/sda3) carved off ...
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grub_file_filters not found after Ubuntu 19.10 upgrade

I couldn't get boot-repair (or boot-repair-disk) working, but managed to fix this by booting from a live Ubuntu 19.10 USB, mounting the old disk, entering chroot, and running grub-install and update-...
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Im stuck at grub menu and cant boot to Ubuntu!

Type the following commands & change disk partition according to your system. ls set prefix=(hd0,1)/boot/grub #note: maybe (hd0,2) or (hd0,3) set root=(loop0) set ls /boot insmod /boot/grub/linux....
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How to repair Grub if yannubuntu doesn't exist?

In my case i forgot to connect to the internet. After connecting to the wifi it worked.
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"Compression type 0x3 not supported"

To amend @eugene-bright's answer, starting from version 2.04, GRUB now supports ZSTD compression on BTRFS filesystems, so upgrade of GRUB will solve the problem. Don't forget to reinstall GRUB on the ...
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grub_file_filters not found after Ubuntu 19.10 upgrade

I had exactly the same problem about a week ago. I solved it by downloading the boot-repair-disk from sourceforge. You will need to manufacture a bootable USB key or CD if you have a suitable CD drive....
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grub_file_filters not found after Ubuntu 19.10 upgrade

I too encountered the exact same problem after updating to Ubuntu 19.10. Here is how I (just now) resolved it: First, you have two problems, not one. Both your installation is screwed up and the Grub ...
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What is help command in grub rescue mode

Booting to grub rescue means that GRUB failed to load the ‘normal’ module (which is responsible for reading /boot/grub/grub.cfg, running the menu, etc.) for some reason. The rescue shell as such is ...
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How to delete both partitions from grub-rescue screen?

If what you say is correct - you deleted your only partition and created two new ones - you have left yourself with no operating system. Try installing an OS from scratch.
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Booting Ubuntu Failure : error: attempt to read or write outside of disk 'hd0'

Sorry for the late answer, but I recently had the very same problem. I fixed it and am posting this in the hope that it may be useful to others who experience the same problem. In my particular case ...
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Error : file '/boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod' not found after set prefix=(hd0,msdos6)/boot/grub

You deleted everything. That is what /* does, specifies to delete all in root folder I sincerely hope you made a backup, because you'll need to reinstall For future advice, to delete a folder you ...
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While restarting it shows unknown filesystem error in grub

To get back your bootloader type in: ls (you get all disk partition listed like (hd0,gpt10),etc) ls (hd0,gpt#) (Replace # by all the partitions listed, you will get all as "...
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GRUB rescue problem after deleting Ubuntu partition!

I did the same thing. Deleted Ubuntu partition. I am able to enter into BIOS. If you have a bootable USB for Ubuntu, enter BIOS and choose the USB first in boot sequence. Restart. Then install Ubuntu ...
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Grub with Multiple Operating Systems

On a BIOS-based computer (which your 10-year-old system almost certainly is), a boot loader installs to the Master Boot Record (MBR) of the hard disk -- that is, its first sector. Note the singular: ...
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deleted ubuntu 14.04 partition error: unknown filesystem

Re-install Ubuntu grub is failing because you deleted Ubuntu. re-installing Ubuntu will also re-install grub and then fix your problem If, though, you want to use Windows and Windows solely on this ...
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Installed to external drive, Grub using wrong architecture

I found the solution. It was booting in Legacy mode because it failed to boot in UEFI. The EFI partition contained EFI/Boot and EFI/ubuntu. It was looking for two files, grubx64.efi and MokManager.efi,...
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Im stuck at grub menu and cant boot to Ubuntu!

With a little tweaking I got this working. Here's what I did: Grub> ls I got the different partitions. Grub> ls (hd0,msdos1) this showed me the files on my HDD, so this is the correct ...
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Grub Rescue help!

Load the Ubuntu Live session from USB drive or DVD. Download the Boot-Repair (instructions are here - , use 2nd option first), then launch it and select '...
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