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NVIDIA Drivers Not Recognized 22.04 LTS (they are shown, they are not used)

Solution The drivers version check is done at the end of the name, so if "-open" is at the end it might confuse some scripts, as indicated by @ubfan1. So you can just check a recommended ...
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Are there some simple steps that one can apply with the standard flightgear Cessna aircraft to get it off the ground?

TL;DR: Choose an airport close to sea level, and use the "Autostart" option. Starting an aircraft is a little more complicated than starting an automobile. This is a long shot - copy and ...
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Graphic freezes after changing slot of graphics card in Ubuntu 22.04

Using NVIDIA cards for quite some time I'd recommend to install the native Nvidia driver instead of the the default Nouveau open-source driver. Ubuntu offers a "Hardware app" that will do ...
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How do you set amdgpu options

Here are some answers to your questions: Is there somewhere that lists the options and how to set them and what they do? (Short answer, so I'm placing this first) modinfo amdgpu Look for param: in ...
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