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Keyboard shorcut for Nightlight Gnome 3.24 Ubuntu 17.04

OK, just so you appreciate, I have cataracts and use a 47 inch screen most of the time, and when far away watching something, I want the Setting>Display>Night Light OFF, but otherwise I have it ...
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GNOME system-monitor status bar app disappears after standby

Also pomsky has a link to the tool you can use to restart the extension, his solution is to restart the whole Gnome system which often breaks other things (at least on my system, doing so breaks the ...
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black screen problem while running Ubuntu 24.04 LTS

I found some help here (I didn't actually read the title before trying things...) For me I think it was related to my nvidia drivers. Some combination of update/upgrade/autoremove/purge nvidia drivers ...
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Open terminal from Nautilus right-click menu

For ubuntu 22.04 nautilus-extension-gnome-terminal Then run the following command killall nautilus && nautilus &
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ALT+TAB: selected app highlighting contrast nearly indistinguishable from background (dark-gray on black)

Another alternative that doesn't require any "code tweaking" (and works also on Ubuntu 24.04): Install the gnome shell extension AATWS (Advanced Alt-Tab Window Switcher) and select the AATWS ...
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Unable to add latest Firefox browser to Favorites on Ubuntu 18.04

Search for firefox .desktop file as below: ls -lAh ~/.local/share/applications/*.desktop | grep Firefox mine was: userapp-Firefox Developer Edition-U1OMM2.desktop I added this line as @windyzboy ...
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I can't reorder favorite

Open Show Applications, keep it, then, drag dock favorite APPs icon order it.
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