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Which elements are affected by font hinting?

What's affected by that setting in Tweaks is the rendering on the desktop. The shell, Settings, various other GTK applications etc. It does not affect the rendering of web pages on the Internet. ...
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How to get ttf/otf of a default font?

The font lives in /usr/share/fonts/truetype/tlwg/Laksaman*. The font does indeed contain glyphs for the Basic Latin and Latin-1 blocks, and some few other glyphs in the Latin-Extended-A block. Bonus: ....
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Steam fonts are very small on Ubuntu 20.04

For anyone stumbling into this in the future. If you find the default UI too small and GDK_SCALE=2 too big, you can apply a zoom to the steam UI instead for 150%, 125% etc. Here's how for Ubuntu based ...

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