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ohmyzsh Agnoster statusline doesn't display correctly in Ubuntu 24.04

It looks like the problem is happening only with Ubuntu Sans fonts family with Ubuntu Sans Mono being the default Ubuntu fixed-width font. The problem can be fixed by changing the system font setting ...
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2 votes

How to Load Custom Fonts in a GRUB Theme?

I found the answer my self. I need to add the --verbose flag sudo grub-mkfont --output=./DejaVuSansMono30.pf2 --size=30 /usr/share/fonts/truetype/dejavu/DejaVuSans.ttf --verbose Font name: DejaVu ...
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1 vote

Font rendering issue (antialiasing)

As found in the 24.04 Noble Numbat release notes: Updated Ubuntu font A more modern slimmer version of the Ubuntu font family is now shipped as standard. Anyone wishing to return to the older Ubuntu ...
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1 vote

Unicode Text Tool

I made a short offline version of yaytext, here. Usage: [font] < plain_text > yayed_text Default font is ITALIC_SERIF. The other possible values can easily be seen in the source. If you ...
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