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How to copy from full path to full path under new name with overwrite?

Use the switch -T from the man page cp(1), -T, --no-target-directory [treat DEST as a normal file]
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Low disk space on Filesystem root despite having plenty of space in `home`

I had the same problem and solved it by resizing and moving the partitions around root and then that let me resize root to over 100Gb. All is good now. I used GParted to achieve this. Took some time ...
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fsck error on boot: /dev/sda6: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY; RUN fsck MANUALLY

If you don't already have a recent backup of the partition, you may wanna run a backup first to before doing anything else. Repairing the disk should be safe in most cases, but may be better to have a ...
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How can I quickly look through the images and videos within a folder

Gwenview is very powerful, and has a tiled gallery supporting both images and videos.
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bilibop-lockfs is disabled

Edit "/etc/bilibop/bilibop.conf" file and add the following: BILIBOP_LOCKFS="true" line and then save > exit > reboot. But, to disable it again you will have to use live ...
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How to keep writing in a FIFO even if there's no readers

tail -F namedpipe might be of interest to you in this case … It should keep the pipe open and writable for your service constantly. You can as well, if you want, discard its output to minimize used ...
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Root directory permission changed

Boot to a distro on USB then open a bash shell and correct it there. Be careful as booting to USB will result is different /dev/sd_

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