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Solving permission problems when using external EXT4 hard disk with multiple linux installs

$ cd /mnt $ ls -ld Check who created the mount target for the ext4 /mnt/*** folder. Let's suppose the folder name is myext4files. This user is the owner of the files, in the ext4 policy: Ex: ...
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How can I upload files directly from a remote server mounted in Ubuntu's file manager?

Using sftp. Create an executable script something like this: #!/bin/bash cd ~/Downloads/ sftp -oPort=23 username@ip_address:/dir/ <<EOF passive put file1 get file2 del file3 exit EOF would use ...
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Extend LVM size

There's two way to increase a LVM partition: Solution A: Extending the partition in the VG Resize the disk and reboot the VM/Machine in order for OS to detect the new disk size (Depending on your ...
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How to mount .img file created from ddrescue from failing hard drive

There's an easy way to mount raw disk images' partitions regardless of their filesystem through Nautilus, as if an external drive was plugged into the machine, which is how I usually go about mounting ...
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System & Installed apps are not working in Ubuntu 22.04.4

If an application does not run by click try to launch it through the terminal. Then you will see the cause.
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NTFS not accessible on Ubuntu Budgie 24.04

Could be due to a bug in Ubuntu 24.04 with NTFS, without a fix yet. See: ...
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System & Installed apps are not working in Ubuntu 22.04.4

Step 1: Check System Resources Begin by assessing system resources to identify any potential limitations or issues. Execute commands such as: free -h to check available memory. df -h to monitor disk ...
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Very large log files (syslog, kern.log)

PopOS is off topic here, but the question is not Normally logrotate moves large logfiles aside. If your log file is named syslog.1 this has already happened. On next rotation, it might get ...
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How to create an encrypted partition?

To add to JanC's great answer, for those using KDE, creating an encrypted partition with the built-in KDE Partition Manager is also as easy as it gets. Just click on unallocated (you need to have some ...
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How do I access file and other directory? Home icon missing in 24.04

this worked for me; dont know whether correct or not sudo apt install nautilus then try nautlius . and when file manager opens; then from active window select Pin to dash option Alternative go to ...
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