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How can I upload files directly from a remote server mounted in Ubuntu's file manager?

Using sftp. Create an executable script something like this: #!/bin/bash cd ~/Downloads/ sftp -oPort=23 username@ip_address:/dir/ <<EOF passive put file1 get file2 del file3 exit EOF would use ...
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NTFS not accessible on Ubuntu Budgie 24.04

Could be due to a bug in Ubuntu 24.04 with NTFS, without a fix yet. See: ...
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Very large log files (syslog, kern.log)

PopOS is off topic here, but the question is not Normally logrotate moves large logfiles aside. If your log file is named syslog.1 this has already happened. On next rotation, it might get ...
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Where does update-initramfs look for kernel versions?

Accepted answer was true until some years ago. Today, there is no more /var/lib/initramfs-tools file. Instead, update-initramfs calls the command linux-version, which is part of the package linux-base....
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