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How can I resize an ext root partition at runtime?

An easier solution - use growpart <device> <partition>: growpart /dev/xvda 1 # Grows the partition; note the space resize2fs /dev/xvda1 # Grows the filesystem As always, back up your ...
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How do I resize an ext4 partition beyond the 16TB limit?

With the option -O 64bit (enabled by default in filesystems created today), ext file systems can span 1024 PiB instead of just 16 TiB volumes. You can upgrade your old filesystem to activate this ...
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EXT4-fs error after Ubuntu 17.04 upgrade

As pointed out in a comment by Elder Geek, this is due to a known bug. From the bug report: APST support just landed in the latest Zesty kernel (4.10.0-14.16) as part of https://bugs.launchpad....
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Dropbox: ext4 isn't ext4

There are three things in total that Dropbox requires to continue working on Linux, and only one is properly documented. What I'm summarising here worked for Dropbox 59.4.93 on Ubuntu 18.04.1 (amd64). ...
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After a power failure, unable to mount the drive "Get a newer version of e2fsck"

I had the same problem and it took me some time to fix it, without formatting :) Just follow this hint: e2fsck: Get a newer version of e2fsck! You need to download the latest version of e2fsck, ...
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Can I disable updatedb.mlocate?

I did not want to totally eliminate the process but I did want to make it happen less frequently so I worked out how to set it to run weekly instead of daily. This is based on the accepted answer ...
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How do I create and tune an ext4 partition from the command-line?

Using parted Below the instructions to create a new ext4 partition on a new hard drive with parted (tested on Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS x64). parted supports GUID Partition Table (GPT) and subsequently can ...
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Dropbox on a dual-boot machine

Q. Can this situation be solved? Nope. Which probably leads to ... Q. Why not? The problem comes down to how Dropbox relies on the journaling mechanism of the file system to know when a file has been ...
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Why does Ubuntu use ext4 by default?

Ubuntu did not "pick" ext4. Debian did. Mark Shuttleworth's original vision was to create a not-quite-fork of Debian that could sign contracts, collect revenue, and hire engineers. A ...
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How can I resize an ext root partition at runtime?

Yes, you can shrink/move/grow an online root partition without any reboots (nor livecd, nor usbkey): consult this answer. It's very well written and easy to follow, although quite long and a little ...
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How do I create an encrypted filesystem inside a file?

Follow next steps to create an encrypted file with filesystem inside: 1. The faster way to create file of given size is: fallocate -l 128M /path/to/file 2. Create LUKS (Linux Unified Key Setup) ...
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Can I disable updatedb.mlocate?

I never used locate, so I removed it. sudo dpkg -P mlocate See Also:
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After a power failure, unable to mount the drive "Get a newer version of e2fsck"

metadata_csum stands for “Metadata Checksums” which is available for Ext4 file systems since Linux 3.6 but isn't supported by the file system tools until v1.43: Support for checksums is sitting in ...
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How can I prevent Windows 10 from corrupting the ext4 superblock every time?

I have done some research and it seems that since ext2fsprogs 1.43 (Ubuntu 16.10), the 64bit and the metadata_csum features are enabled when a new ext4 filesystem is created. I did a fresh install of ...
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How can I prevent Windows 10 from corrupting the ext4 superblock every time?

I have the same issue and for me it seems to be the Windows 10 ext2fsd file system driver. Maybe for you too? When I uninstall ext2fsd (version 0.68) I can start Windows 10 as often as I want and the ...
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How can I create an EXT4 partition with an extra large number of inodes?

Using mkfs -t ext4 -N iNumberOfINodes /dev/XdY where iNumberOfINodes is a 32-bit number so the maximum possible number of inodes on any ext2/3/4 file system is 2^32-1, or 4,294,967,295 (~4 billion).
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How can I completely defragment ext4 filesystem

I want all my files in an ext4 filesystem not fragmented because of reasons. While there are legitimate reasons to defrag, none require every single file to be defragged and contiguous. The main ...
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How can I resize an ext root partition at runtime?

I would like to make an extension on the answer of @Søren Løvborg: extending the partition with a swap partition present. First the layout of the disk after extending it: $sudo parted /dev/sda 'unit s ...
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df -h - Used space + Avail Free space is less than the Total size of /home

This question is really about interpreting the output of the df command, which is famously confusing and if you Google it, you'll see many questions about df. How to interpret df's output Size in df's ...
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How to create ext4 encrypted partition on Ubuntu 15.04 with new 4.1 kernel?

First off a disclaimer: I've not done this with Ubuntu, but on a machine with Debian "Stretch" installed using a custom Linux 4.2.3 kernel that I enabled EXT4_FS_ENCRYPTION on. The instructions given ...
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undelete files on ext4

I prefered to use ext4magic as : sudo ext4magic /dev/sdc3 -r -f $USERl/Documents/ -d /tmp/local/tmp/ Note you have to resolv symlink by your own References:
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Comparing NTFS and EXT4

NTFS NT file system, NTFS, is designed to quickly perform standard file operations such as read, write, search,and even advanced operations such as file-system recovery on very large hard disks. ...
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Dropbox on a dual-boot machine

This used to work, but as the other answer says, Dropbox blocks file systems they do not want to support. At the time they made this change, I also required dual booting, and moved away from Dropbox. ...
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Which tool to backup an ext4 partition?

Modern versions of e2image (1.42.7 or later) allow efficient cloning/backing up of Ext2/3/4 partitions from the command line. e2image -ar /dev/sdaX ~/sdaX.img -a ensures that file data, and not just ...
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Just format HDD in ext4, cannot create any folder

It looks like the partition you're talking of is /dev/sda1, and it is mounted at /media/sassari74/eaae11b1-a939-4674-a5a7-6e0357, so do: sudo chown $USER /media/sassari74/eaae11b1-a939-4674-a5a7-...
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Undeletable directory in lost+found

One possibility is the immutable flag in the case of ext filesystem. See output of lsattr command. If there is i present, it can be removed with chattr -i filename A file with the 'i' attribute ...
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fsck shows ext4 file system errors, but only when booting from system partition

If you force a file system check on an ext4 file system that is currently mounted in r/w-mode using fsck -nf <filesystem>, you will always get error messages like the ones you posted (corrupted ...
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Windows 10 corrupts Ubuntu 18.04 partitions

In a dual boot configuration with Windows and Ubuntu, Ubuntu can easily read Windows NTFS partitions/disks, however, when booted into Windows, Windows can't natively read/mount Ubuntu ext[2-4] ...
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Dropbox is asking me to change location to Ext4

Dropbox doesn't support eCryptfs. As per this official documentation Note: ecryptfs is not supported, but Dropbox will continue to sync with supported file systems that are encrypted via full disk ...
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What is the journal?

Does someone knows what journal is? Part of a modern day filesystem is a feature called "journaling". We use "ext4" as a filesystem. (ext3, ext2 are older versions. NTFS is a Microsoft equivalent.) ...
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