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Ubuntu 24.04 installer not showing encrypted lvm partitions (luks)

If the reason you want to create a LUKS partition is to DualBoot with Windows, see this --> TLDR: Select ‘Erase disk and ...
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2 votes

Installing ubuntu 24.04 encrypted, along with Windows with BitLocker on the same hard drive

As @guangliang mentioned in his/her comment the steps are Disable bitlocker Run installer Select erase disk Select LVN with encryption Click back Install along Drink a coffee Boot windows from bios (...
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1 vote

Can't install Kubuntu 24.04 or Lubuntu 24.04 in encrypted partition

Comment #24 by Aaron Rainbolt (arraybolt3) on this bug report clarified it: It looks like you don't have a separate /boot partition being created? All Ubuntu flavors use Canonical's build of GRUB (...
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