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Full disk encryption has rendered my workstation unusable. Want to start from scratch. How can I get it to boot to GDM?

Based on your comment it seems like the Ubuntu live USB is unable to boot on your Intel NUC. If this problem is specific only to the Intel NUC, it would be a good idea to try to restore functionality ...
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how to restore btrfs snapshot backup of root partition with subvolume for home

btrfs restore, btrfs send, btrfs receive are all the wrong commands. What you need to understand first, all snapshots are by-default read-only subvolumes. Only the current, active "snapshot" ...
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Encryption Password typing issues

Thanks for the tip @user68186 The BIOS was on EN. The way to go around this issue is: *boot the commuter from a live Ubuntu installation USB using the Try Ubuntu option (with EN keyboard). *change the ...
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Encrypted swap - changing hard drive

sudo update-initramfs -u -k all sudo update-grub resolved the issue! Thanks @Raffa
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Is it possible to read a hdd that is hibernated if I start the computer from USB (Linux)

Yes, you can mount it read-only and extract files from it. You can not mount a dirty file system writeable and "hibernate" means dirty. If you need to write to it you would need to delete ...
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Encrypted ZFS change rpool password

It is much easier than this. zfs change-key -o keyformat=passphrase rpool

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