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Help needed regarding GRUB for Dual Boot from two different SSDs

I found a solution: Run these commands in sequence sudo nano /etc/default/grub Added This line GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=false if not present.Or uncomment,if line present sudo os-prober sudo update grub ...
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multi-booting with a mix of 32/64 OS-es

You cannot update a armhf (32-bit ARM) or i386 (32-bit x86) to arm64 or amd64 respectively; to change architectures requires a re-install. You can have installed i386 and amd64 installs on the same ...
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Headphones plugged in, but audio comes through speakers Ubuntu 22.04

This solution worked for my case. After working on my machine for a long time, it will stop working someday. But with this command, it was fixed: $ pacmd load-module module-switch-on-connect System ...
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My question is about getting error mesage while starting my laptop on dual boot ( windows 10 and ubuntu 22.04.3)

Known Issue There is a bug report on this issue: UBSAN: array-index-out-of-bounds complaints in newer kernels No serious consequences reported However, according to a comment on the link, ii appears ...
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Wha sholud i do? Ask

You can try repairing your system in the recovery mode for Ubuntu. To go to the recovery menu select Advanced Options for Ubuntu in the boot loader. Then select the recovery mode option in the next ...
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Wha sholud i do? Ask

Run fsck -y /dev/sda5. Afterwards, run the command exit to reboot. The problem occurred because the computer was not properly shut down. Maybe it ran out of battery, or you had to shut it down for ...
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Partition free space

“free space” means the space not allocated to any partitions. It does not indicate the free space inside any partitions whatsoever. You should find the 40GB partition and format that.
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problem showing boot list for dual boot

When you install Ubuntu not using the .exe file in the installation media (like booting directly from the media, like what you did) windows boot manager is likely not to recognize your Ubuntu ...
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Is Accessing WSL2 Filesystem from Ubuntu Dual Boot Safe? Need Advice!

With a raw disk image (.img and .iso files), you can just mount it in the simple manner. Things are more complicated with other formats, like the VHDX format mentioned here. You can expose the ...
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Changing from Dual Boot to Full Ubuntu System

no, all you need to do is get into a *unix live iso ie gparted, and carefully remove the windows partition, then after removing it resize your Ubuntu partition to take up the freed space.
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How to make space in /boot/efi without resizing the partition?

I had the same problem, and I just moved fonts from Microsoft directory to another place, finished updates and moved them back again. Fonts Path: /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/Fonts
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How do I install Ubuntu to a new disk on a system that already has a disk with Windows installed on it with BitLocker enabled?

Here is the workaround that I used which resulted in me being able to install all three operating systems with full disk encryption enabled. I suspected that if I disabled BitLocker, I would be able ...
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MSI Katana is not finding the SSD during Ubuntu 20 installation

The only solution that worked for me (I also have MSI Katana 15) is shutdown of Intel VMD Controller in BIOS (Advanced -> System Agent (SA) Configuration -> VMD Setup Menu -> Disable VMD ...
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Cloning a dual boot SSD to larger SSD

Let's go over your partitions according to type: fat32,boot,esp You have two boot or EFI system partitions. You need to figure out which one is actually used to boot your system. If the other one is ...
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How to access Windows files from Ubuntu 23.10 which is installed alongside Windows Boot Manager

Booting Ubuntu alongside a Windows partition most likely causes a bad superblock error message because Windows 10/11 enables a form of hibernation by default known as fast startup. With fast startup ...
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What is a block device?

What is a block device? A block device is a consistent interface to a device that resembles a readable, easily seekable (compared to tape drives), possibly writable non-volatile storage. This include ...
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reinstall grub after installing second linux distro

I suggest you check you bios (UEFI) settings, make sure the right device is set as the highest boot prioity. Alternatively, in /etc/grub - add GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER="false" GRUB_DEFAULT=...
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Ubuntu 23.10 does not start after running CHKDSK from Windows in a unused partition

Not sure if and how my activity on Windows could have raised the issue in Ubuntu, but I found the solution inspecting /var/log/syslog: 2024-02-02T15:39:46.874574+01:00 mark gdm3: Gdm: GdmSession: no ...
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Ubuntu installation does not show "Install alongside Windows" option

In my case there was no 'secure boot' option in the UEFI. It helped to switch boot mode from 'both' to 'UEFI only'. And to disable 'fast startup' in Windows as mentioned in the other answers.
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Using Texlive installed in Windows for Ubuntu

As mentioned above by user3289604: First install sudo apt-get install wine. Then install sudo apt-get install texlive-base. This will help to run windows .exe files directly without using the wine ...
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Dual boot Ubuntu 22.04.03 : how to free more space on disk

How much space should I leave on windows for it to be safe, since I don't plan on using it very much. Is 75 Go enough? We only deal with Ubuntu so you need to ask Windows users that one. Once I have ...
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Trying to boot Ubuntu from flash drive in UEFI mode does nothing

On my ASUS machine with UEFI, you have to use the UEFI interface to boot into a USB. Press and hold DELETE at boot to enter the UEFI interface. The various drives and partitions will be listed along ...
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