Firstly the reason you can't resize your partition is that others are in the way and need to be moved first (a partition can only increase size if there is unallocated space next to it) and also you need to be running a OS that isn't running/using on any of the drives you want to move. Below there are some instructions for how to resize your partition with ...


I was able to solve the problem based on this solution: 18.04 and 18.10 fail to boot nvme0: failed to set APST feature (-19) At boot in grub I select install ubuntu and I press e then escape and I edit the boot option there so that after quiet splash I have nvme_core.default_ps_max_latency_us=200 This way I was able to see the SSD disk.


Did you look at any Dell specific instructions (Any Dell version). You typically need to update UEFI, update SSD firmware Then add AHCI driver to Windows and change RAID/Intel RST in UEFI. You have to have fast start up off in Windows (and probably bitlocker). And usually better to have fast boot off in UEFI as that assumes no configuration changes. And if ...

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